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Panyu Zhongcun production base officially put into use


Spring in March, full of vigor. On this beautiful day, the Panyu Zhongcun Base of Guangzhong Separation Machinery was officially put into use. Guangzhou Guangzhong Separation Machinery Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Guangzhong Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. Since 1954, it has manufactured China's first on-board machine. Suspension centrifuges have been specializing in the production of centrifuges for more than 50 years. After more than half a century of continuous development, they have been equipped with various sophisticated processing equipment, established a perfect quality assurance system, established a centrifuge research institute and It has a corresponding test site, especially cultivated a group of skilled and experienced technical personnel, and has become a key enterprise in the design and manufacture of centrifuges in my country. In 1997, Guangzhong has obtained the ISO9001 quality system certification.

The top-suspension centrifuge is the leading product of Guangzhong. The XJZ1600-N top-suspension fully automatic mechanical scraper discharge centrifuge enjoys a high reputation in the sugar industry, starch sugar and other biochemical industries. Guangzhong is also the earliest manufacturer to develop horizontal scraper centrifuges in China. It has been supporting China's chemical and starch industries for more than 40 years. GKH1800-N automatic centrifuge represents the highest level of horizontal scraper centrifuge made in China. Guangzhong is an important manufacturer of disc separators in China. Several series of separators are widely used in yeast, starch, rubber, medicine, biochemical and other industries.

As an important modern production base of Guangzhong Separation Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhongcun Base will rapidly improve the production efficiency of centrifuges, ensure better quality and quantity, and make great contributions to the coordinated development of local economy and society.