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SC-550Extraction separator

This machine is a chamber centrifugal extractor. The drum material is made of high-strength special stainless steel. Each drum has undergone strict inspection and mechanical performance tests. The strength of the drum is absolutely safe and reliable. The drum and internal assemblies have undergone accurate dynamic balance tests, and the operation is smooth and noise is low. ; The parts in contact with the material are made of solvent-resistant stainless steel, and the machine base is also made of solvent-resistant paint. It has a series of advantages such as compact structure, convenient operation, high extraction efficiency and good separation performance.

IL1180-N/IL1450-N Centrifuge

Centrifugal discharge centrifuge is a centrifugal force discharge, continuous operation filter centrifuge, IL type is vertical type, WI type is horizontal type, both are referred to as cone-basket centrifuges.

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