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        The existing company-owned property is rented. It is located in the prosperous commercial area of ​​Haizhu District, at the intersection of Changgang Middle Road and Jiangnan Avenue, on the 17th floor of Dabiao International Center, a landmark building in Guangzhou, facing southeast, with an area of ​​nearly 200 square meters and a monthly lease of about 120 yuan/ square meters.
        The super Grade A office building is located on the top of the subway, and Changgang Station, the intersection of Line 2 and Line 8, can directly connect to the office building. The transportation is convenient and the environment is beautiful. The office building is equipped with central air conditioning, a canteen, and an underground parking lot. The property management is advanced, and it is an ideal place for office work.   
Contact: Director Wang
Tel: 13622289954