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On the Centrifuge Price War


As the saying goes, one price is one quality, and now customers should pay more attention to the cost-effectiveness of products, and there is no need to fight for such a blind price war between our industry and the industry.

Some people say that the centrifuge is that simple; a rotor body, a motor, and a compressor unit. How much is it worth?

But I would say that what we provide is quality, technology, and technological value. How much is one of Newton's formulas for universal gravitation worth? Isn't it just those numbers? But one of his formulas changed mankind. Isn't a rocket just a bit of flammable gas wrapped in iron?

The product needs maintenance. Today, we are not selling the parts of this machine, nor do we sell the instrument and leave it alone. There is also a repair and maintenance process, and these are all things we must do. Well, it must be done too. Someone asked how much we made? We just earned the wages that should be paid for skilled workers and the normal operation of the company.

Now everyone is blindly fighting price wars; we do not recommend it! Why?

Because this one-sided price war will ultimately make the product lose its quality assurance, and ultimately make the domestic centrifuge completely lose its international competitiveness. You get what you pay for, isn't all the wool on the sheep? It is also impossible for manufacturers to do business at a loss for customers; what should they do then? Only the quality is getting worse!
Repair three ends and break two ends.

No one wants to accept such a result! Therefore, the price is not the only criterion for mutual judgment, and the technical content of the products is strictly checked, so as to achieve scientific and technological innovation from time to time, fashionable and practical. This is the real future of domestic centrifuges