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Guided installation of new attempts


Some time ago, a foreign customer needed to replace the parts in the unloading device in the process of using our company's centrifuge products, but because their operators were not familiar with the equipment, they could not complete the disassembly and replacement operation independently. Due to the urgency of time, in order to enable customers to repair the equipment in the shortest time, we decided to adopt a new installation guide. That is, we shoot the relevant disassembly and replacement operations into videos in the company's workshop, and then burn them into CDs for express delivery to customers. In this way, users can follow the operation of the assembler on the video and repair the equipment step by step.  

The disassembly of the unloading device should follow the principle of the whole first and then the part. First, the whole unloading device should be disassembled from the equipment, and then the device should be disassembled according to different parts. For the entire unloading device, it is generally easy to wear and tear, and the parts that need to be replaced are the copper sheet that adjusts the smoothness of the vertical movement of the cylinder and the sealing ring inside the cylinder. In the video, in order to give customers a clear and intuitive operation guide, every step of disassembly is recorded in detail, and we also provide text descriptions for places that require special attention. All of our starting points and purposes are to allow customers to complete the disassembly and replacement work under the guidance of video, so that customers can solve problems quickly and effectively, so that customers can feel our good service attitude and obtain high-quality service experience.