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Looking forward to the future, youth set sail


In mid-January 2012, the Party Branch of the Separator Company organized a two-day study tour. The destination is Zhongshan Guangzhong Casting and Rolling Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of our Guangzhong Group. The people who participated in the activity included management personnel above the middle level of the company, team members and young employees. The purpose of this activity is, on the one hand, to let the inexperienced young men see the detailed process of the casting process, and on the other hand, to let the young people who have worked hard for a year relax and reinvigorate their vitality, so as to better invest into the struggle for the new year.
On the sunny morning of January 12, our energetic team drove to Zhongshan Guangzhong Casting and Rolling Steel Co., Ltd. There, we not only learned a lot of knowledge about casting in a cheerful learning atmosphere, but also saw a hydraulic press with a pressure of up to 3200 tons, which was an eye-opener.
After visiting Zhongshan Guangzhong Casting and Rolling Co., Ltd., which has benefited us a lot, we held a symposium in the afternoon. The three leaders of the company all delivered speeches, inspiring and encouraging our young people from different aspects. General Manager Zhou Yue first summed up the company's operation in 2012, and then explained the company's work plan in 2013, so that our young people have a clear goal in mind and keep striving for it. Then, Deputy Manager Wang Litong shared with us a plan for employee motivation, which made us very excited. Finally, Secretary Luo Jianliang guided us young people who are easily impatient and ambitious, and let us do our work carefully and well. "Listening to your words is better than reading ten years of books." This new forum will help our young people to relieve the confusion in our hearts and see the road ahead clearly. The shoulders that have become thick shoulder the heavy responsibility of developing and expanding the company.