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Remember the martyrs and move forward bravely


June 30, on the day that is about to celebrate the 92nd birthday of the great Chinese Communist Party. The party branch of the Separator Company organized all party members and party activists to conduct a party member activity. This activity visited the newly built Xinhai Revolution Memorial Hall in 2011 and the famous Whampoa Military Academy Memorial Hall.
The first stop of the event was the Xinhai Revolution Memorial Hall. The building is a perfect blend of modernity and history. From the outside, it is full of the simple beauty of modern art, but the content inside it is full of the history of the Xinhai Revolution. With the excitement of cherishing the memory of the martyrs, in the wonderful introduction of the narrator of the exhibition hall, in conjunction with the rich and varied historical relics and graphic introductions in the exhibition hall, our party members relived the touching period of the Revolution of 1911, which had a great impact on the process of Chinese history. History of immeasurable impact.
With an enduring sense of awe in history, we visited the famous Whampoa Military Academy at home and abroad. Although its appearance is not as pleasing as the Memorial Hall of the Revolution of 1911, its historical spirit is equally inspiring. The original intention of Mr. Sun Yat-sen when he founded the Whampoa Military Academy was to save China, which was in the midst of life and death.
Whether it is the main entrance of the Whampoa Military Academy or the ending scene of the Xinhai Revolutionary Memorial Hall, there is a phrase that should be remembered invariably: "The revolution has not yet succeeded, and comrades still have to work hard." At this moment when the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is approaching, as long as Let's use this sentence to encourage each other.