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Safety production standardization work completed


Since 2013, the separator company has started to declare work on the standardization of safety production. After a year of hard work, finally in January 2014, we got the third-level certificate of mechanical safety production standardization. Looking back on the work of the past year, the company took the opportunity of obtaining the certificate to improve the company's production environment in accordance with the enterprise standard of safety production standardization, which made the company's production appearance undergo major changes and improved the production environment of employees. 
First of all, the leaders of the company attach great importance to production safety work, regard production safety as an important cornerstone for the survival and development of the enterprise, and do everything possible to provide support and assistance for the standardization of production safety. Not only have they held many meetings to discuss how to implement this work, but also mobilized resources from all parties to provide material guarantees for it.
Secondly, under the guidance of the leading group, all departments of the company cooperate with each other, from internal coordination to external communication, they all work together to complete this work. Everyone has a clear division of labor and meticulous work, and never takes care of work involving everyone's life safety.
Finally, under the impetus of this work, the appearance of the production workshop has been completely changed. The incomplete signs in the past have become eye-catching and wide warning signs, the messy test pool wiring has become an underground wire trough, and the overhead crane warning lights that have not been on for many years have become bright and bright LED warning lights. A cluttered power switch becomes a well-functioning, numbered switch. These are just some of the improvements in the company's production environment, and there are many less visible changes that are beneficial to production safety.
Obtaining the safety production standardization certificate this time shows that our work is worthy of recognition, and our efforts have been rewarded. But we should also understand that safety production is a process of symbiosis and growth with the company. We should not only be proud of the achievements we have made in the past, but also be down-to-earth and do a good job in safety production, so as to provide a solid foundation for the company's survival and development. The cornerstone of safe production.