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Professional training to improve skills


As we all know, innovation is an important factor for the continuous development and growth of an enterprise. The process of innovation is also a process of continuous learning and accumulation of knowledge. The Separator Company attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents and the improvement of the quality of professional and technical personnel, and plans to carry out professional courses in different fields in a targeted manner. Recently, combined with the company's products and the need to strengthen electrical automation control, the company organized professional technicians and electricians to carry out training courses on programming and operation of Siemens touch screen.
The course was organized by Zhang Tieli, the newly hired chief engineer of the company, and the lecturer by engineer Li Xiaojia. Li Gong made full preparations for the lecture. In the class, Li Gong's in-depth and detailed explanations benefited the students a lot. The students participated enthusiastically, and the good study style of asking questions when they didn't understand helped consolidate and strengthen the knowledge they had learned. It is believed that with the joint efforts of excellent lecturers and diligent students, this series of courses will surely achieve good expected results.