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Guangzhong centrifuge sales will exceed 100 million yuan (from China Centrifuge Network)


Guangzhou Guangzhong Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhong) is a backbone enterprise of China's machinery industry with a history of 58 years. For nearly 60 years, Guangzhong has manufactured machinery and equipment with a total weight of 600,000 tons for all parts of China and the world. And it has created many first or only machine products in the country, filling a number of domestic machine manufacturing gaps. The annual output value increased from 230 million yuan in 2003 to 420 million yuan in 2005.

Centrifuge is one of the pillar products of Guangzhong, which is widely used in sugar, starch, food, medical, petroleum, chemical and environmental protection fields. "Guangzhong brand centrifuge" is a famous brand product in Guangdong Province. In 1956, Guangzhong manufactured the country's first plate basket centrifuge, the first of its kind in my country. After many adjustments and optimizations over the years, the current centrifuge products of Guangzhong mainly include disc separators, top suspension centrifuges, centrifugal discharge centrifuges, piston push centrifuges, horizontal scraper discharge centrifuges, tubular type centrifuges. Ultracentrifuge, extraction separator, screw discharge centrifuge, etc. There are more than 40 types and specifications of products, and serialized and standardized products have been formed. In China, Guangzhong is the only manufacturer that can produce so many types and complete centrifuge products.

According to market changes and customer needs, Guangzhong also takes the road of combining production, education and research, actively cooperates with universities and scientific research units, and vigorously develops new products and new technologies. In recent years, Guangda has made great efforts to develop new products and new technologies. Among them, the XJZ1600-N centrifuge and the GKH1800-N siphon scraper centrifuge have reached the domestic leading level, and the GKH1800-N siphon scraper centrifuge has also filled the domestic gap.

The sales of Guangzhong centrifuge products have been relatively stable, and orders have remained between 35 million and 65 million yuan per year in the past ten years. In 2003, Guangzhong centrifuges sold 158 units, with a sales value of 33.1589 million yuan, 2 units were exported, and foreign exchange earned US$32,553; Taiwan, sales of 31,009,200 yuan, export of 33 units, earning foreign exchange of 682,885 US dollars. As of June 2006, 175 orders have been received, and the estimated sales volume is 10.67206 million yuan. For more than 40 years, the sales volume and quality level of centrifuge products have been in a leading position in China, ranking among the top three in the domestic industry and the first in the province. The main export areas are Southeast Asia and Pakistan.

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