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2011 centrifuge market competition "off" into fire and water


2011 is the first year of the 12th Five-Year Plan. Under the pressure of the country's strengthening of macroeconomic regulation and regulation of the real estate industry, the growth rate of the construction machinery industry will drop significantly. Under the pressure of inflation, the terminal sales of the machinery industry are bound to be affected to a certain extent. However, none of these could stop the construction machinery market from continuing to strengthen. The signing of the military order for the construction of affordable housing and the new upsurge of investment in water conservancy construction have greatly boosted China's construction machinery market, and the centrifuge market competition will become increasingly fierce.

Competition is fierce

It is understood that the competition in the construction machinery market will be more intense in 2011. On the basis of greatly enhancing the self-confidence of domestic enterprises, the competition in China's centrifuge market is bound to become more intense. In addition to the competition among domestic brands, With the accelerated pace of international development of Chinese local enterprises, the competition with big foreign brands will also continue to escalate.

In 2010, China's construction machinery market attracted international attention with its rapid development. Under the guidance of a series of correct measures by the state, the economic operation of the industry has maintained stable and rapid growth, and the main economic benefit indicators have improved in an all-round way. In view of the fact that in 2010, large and medium-sized enterprises began to expand their production capacity and expand their market shares, this largely laid a hidden danger for the overcapacity of the construction machinery market in 2011 and beyond. Capacity expansion has largely driven the saturation of construction machinery market demand, and the increasingly fierce competition in the construction machinery market has accelerated the pace of capacity expansion. If this situation is not well improved, the continuous cycle will inevitably lead to overcapacity in the construction machinery market.

Judging from the current development of the centrifuge market in China's construction machinery industry, the development potential of products such as excavators, cranes and concrete machinery is huge, and the market is also widely optimistic. As far as the excavator industry is concerned, Wuliangye, Rongan, Chery, Geely and other companies have all turned around and started to share the excavator market. Such a large-scale cross-industry transformation, coupled with the uneven branding, product performance and quality of the construction machinery field, will not only have a great impact on the sales of the entire industry, but will also lead to a series of low-end overcapacity. situation, and even lead to unfair competition in the industry.

talent shortage

In addition, at the beginning of the year, from the perspective of talent recruitment across the country, the shortage of talents in the construction machinery industry is particularly serious, especially the urgent need for high-end comprehensive talents. It is not a "labor shortage" that can be described. Rising labor costs and rising raw material costs are undoubtedly not a challenge to the development of the construction machinery industry. Especially at present, many companies are faced with the fact that no matter how high the salary is, they cannot recruit the talents they need urgently.