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Haizhu District Office

Company Name: Guangzhou Guangzhong Separation Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address of the company: Room 1718, International Standard Center, No. 238 Changgang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China (visited route)
Subway: Changgang E Exit (Interchange of Lines 2 and 8)
Bus Station: Xinhe Square (Changgang Middle Road)
Via bus: 44; 69; 70; 186; 206; 222 air conditioning; 226 air conditioning; 244a; 244 short; 244 air conditioning; 250; 565; 812; 813 air conditioning;
Tel: 020-84328888 020-84369817-2193
Fax: 020-84337014
Company homepage: www.gzsm.cc
Postal Code: 510250
Email: admin@gzsm.cc

Haizhu District Office