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With a long history, rich technical experience, superb craftsmanship, perfect quality assurance system, and excellent service, we have created high-quality centrifuges and won the trust of our customers. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you!


Corporate Philosophy

Hard work

--Being hardworking is a fine tradition of Guangzhong people. It is precisely with the down-to-earth spirit of hard work that Guangzhong can survive through more than 50 years of wind and rain. Our understanding of hard work is hard work and hard work. This is the foundation of our company and it is a portrayal of the history of Guangjian people.


--Innovation is the requirement of the times for the people. Only by forging ahead and innovating can we be invincible in the increasingly fierce market competition. Our understanding of innovation is to respect science and be bold in pioneering. This is the way to rejuvenate the enterprise and the mission that the times entrusted to the people.


--Harmony is the way for people to live and work. It is with the spirit of harmony that we can work together to reunite large-scale employees. Our understanding of harmony is the unification of goals and the sharing of results. This is the source of corporate unity, and is the power that Guangzhong people have been striving for.

Corporate Philosophy