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With a long history, rich technical experience, superb craftsmanship, perfect quality assurance system, and excellent service, we have created high-quality centrifuges and won the trust of our customers. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you!

Service Guarantee

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pre-sale service:
According to the actual needs of customers to provide selection guidelines
Provide preliminary service and product knowledge
Provide competitive products and sales consulting
Sales service:
According to the actual situation to provide a custom product
Provide product documentation and quality assurance
According to the specific circumstances, assist in on-site measurement
After-sale service:
Assign experienced engineers to visit your site to guide your equipment installation and commissioning
Assign experienced engineers to provide you with support for debugging and problem detection.
Provides product function descriptions, operations, and maintenance training.
Provide a complete logistics system to ensure on-time delivery.
Provide 1 year warranty.
tracking service:
Check and recheck pre-sale services, on-sale services, and after-sales services. Make your investment maximised
Service Phone: 020-84369817-2193 020-84369817-2131